To 2 Fools and a Bull, probably the most simple dining experience you will ever experience!
No Kids, No Drunks, No Vegans, No Phones! Remember the other 399 restaurants! (and drunks will be turned away)! Really!
Get yourself on that list! Call every day when you arrive between 11am-3pm. Check your emails!! You don't wanna miss out right?

Welcome to 2 Fools and a Bull. Prepare yourself for the most exclusive dining experience you will ever encounter. Our U-shaped bar is designed to accommodate 17 guests at a time who will all dine together and experience fine dining like never before!

Let's meet the 2 fools: Fool #1, Roger, will guide and serve you through the night, while Fool #2, Erwin, will present you with the most creative and exclusive dishes. Throughout the night, Fool #1 will talk about wining, dining, and all things cuisine. While Fool #2 is preparing a beautiful 5 1/2-course dinner. Our 2 Fools have a combined 45 years of experience in fine dining, so pay attention… you might learn something.

New concept

Now, after 11 years, it still might be hard (for some) to understand our concept... Therefore, let us explain our Foolish idea!

We are an adults (18 years and up) only restaurant. Our menu consists of 5 1/2 courses for $130 per person, prepared by Fool #2 - the MasterChef of Aruba. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions you may have. We do not serve vegetarian or vegan dishes. Be prepared for an exclusive evening out where you can think and eat outside the box. Are you a steak and potatoes kind of guy? There are 399 other restaurants on the island.

There are 2 wine pairings available to choose from, our regular wine pairing is $70, and our reserve selection is $130. These wines will fit beautifully with every course you will be served. Not a wine lover? We have the smallest bar in Aruba. Maybe you'll be lucky to find something you like. Again, there are 399 other restaurants on the island.

About 2foolsandabull

If there isn't any availability during your stay on Aruba, you can use our waiting list.

Credit card information

To place the reservation we need a valid credit card on file. You won't be charged at this moment. When you arrive in Aruba we need you to reconfirm your dinner with us by phone, your hotel concierge or email.

Yes, we are often fully booked. If that happens, be sure to put yourself on our waitlist! 

You might be surprised by a phone call or text that we have a spot for you. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible experience! You can call us for reservations or availability at +297 586 7177.

We hope to meet you at the Fools!
Roger and Erwin 

Foolish Rules

No Kids, No Drunks, No Vegetarians, No Phones (only allowed for pictures).

Our Price

The 5 1/2 course menu is $130 per person. This menu includes Champagne upon arrival and a lemon Champagne cocktail in-between courses.


Reservations can be made on our website.